Writing a research paper is like giving literary shape to your research work. The art of scientific writing can be acquired by following certain basic rules. One needs to realize that writing for publication demands a set of skills that are very diverse from performing a research study. Enjoying the challenge of writing for research paper in a stepwise scientific manner can make the task more simpler and rather realistic even for the beginners. Writing for a research paper is multi step process, that includes proper planning, surveying similar work, writing, submitting, revising, resubmitting, and proofing. In this book, my focus will be on the aspect of “research paper writing” and give general guidelines of the steps to be followed while writing a research paper. The purpose of this book is to remove the fear involved in research paper writing and provide simple steps, using which the research paper can be built up in a step wise manner.

This book will help you to unlock your research potential through the practice of YOGA. The yogasanas presented in this book will assist youi. In coming out of the health problems such as sleeplessness, cervical spondylosis, stress, anxiety, depression etc. which are likely to occur during your journey as research scholar.ii. In improving your memory power required to remember the crucial basic research concepts iii. To improve right brain activity which will in turn develop your creativity that is required for research.Once you start practicing the YOGA you will find a slow transition from your past to the future in an unimaginable way. You will start seeing the unfolding of hidden talent within you. You will think about your health and research problems in an entirely different way. You will develop new mental toughness that will take you through the intricacies of research which others find really difficult to overcome. You can start now to fulfill your hunger for research that is always fresh and meaningful and filled with extra ordinary contributions- in the field of research right to the end.