Top 05 AI-Based Tools to Write Effective Research Articles

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Writing a research article is not simple work because it requires a variety of abilities, including the ability to write clearly, a sound understanding of grammar, the ability to communicate effectively, the ability to conduct research, and more. To make it simple for you to write and finish your research articles on time, you must employ the appropriate software tools for your articles. Though there are a plethora of software tools available for writing research articles, you must research them and choose the best one for you.

Some of the top AI-based online software tools for writing research articles are listed below:


The most well-known text editing tool is arguably Grammarly, which may be used for editing and correction in research articles. Contextual spelling, grammatical errors, sentence structures, punctuation, overall document style, clarity, and delivery of your work are a few of the significant services that Grammarly provides you. You may use Grammarly on its parent website, Google Docs, and Microsoft Word. This editing tool will point out all of your spelling and grammar errors and make recommendations on how you may use language more effectively. You can use Grammarly’s built-in plagiarism detection tool to find instances of plagiarism.


Another tool for editing research articles that may be accessed online immediately is Hemingway Editor. To use this application, all you need is an online connection and a browser; you don’t even need to download anything. It is regarded as one of the dependable and trustworthy tools for determining whether essays, tasks, and other textual content are understandable. You can learn how to strengthen your phrases and clarify their meaning with the help of this tool. Additionally, it can spot passive voice and redundant complex words in your writing.


FocusWriter, as its name implies, has been created to help you focus on the topic at hand, be more productive, and finish your research article writing so that you can complete your assignments on time. By controlling your writing environment on-screen, you may get rid of distractions and customize how the text looks. FocusWriter also offers an optional spell-checker, progress tracking for your writing, and supports more than 20 languages.


This Thesaurus is one of the best writing aids in addition to being the most extensive English dictionary. It offers alternatives for difficult words that you do not recognize or comprehend. This website provides you with helpful tips, blogs, and a synonym search engine so you can quickly hone your research article writing abilities. If you want to increase the diversity and adaptability of your vocabulary, for instance, you may input the word “adaptability” and choose from a number of synonyms because it is a term that is frequently used. 

BibME – The Online Writing Center

As its name suggests, BibME is an online citation generator that gives users access to more than 7000 citation styles, including the majority of them (APA, Chicago, IEEE and MLA). In addition, this tool enables research scholars to examine the research articles for grammatical mistakes and instances of content duplication. To swiftly fill up the reference information, this tool accesses external databases. As a result, it is a top web application for bibliography and other requirements.


It is an undisputed fact that writing research articles is a difficult chore for research scholars, regardless of their academic background, skill level, or stream. When research scholars try to balance their paper submissions with regular academic curricular activities, things get even more complicated. Because of this, they may no longer simply reorganize the text but also completely rule out the possibility of submitting disputed information: thanks to the development of clever tools like paraphrasing tools and online plagiarism checks. This article has listed a variety of research article rewriting tools together with their distinctive features. You are encouraged to choose whichever one best suits your work.

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