Top 05 Questions a Researcher May face in his PhD Defence

During the final defence exam  the PhD adjudicator may ask the following  05 questions to the research scholar to understand whether the researcher has really worked in depth of the research  problem or not. These questions are  related to the datasets, research papers , Journals, researchers and the methods /approaches used to solve the research problem.


1. Top 05 Data Sets Available in the Proposed Research Domain

The examiner is keen to know

  1. Whether the Data sets are collected from various geographical locations.
  2. The data sets selected for the present research work  is state of the art.
  3.  Whether the author has tried to check his results with other data sets available online.
  4. Whether the data sets  listed are referenced in the researcher’s papers or thesis work so that other researcher’s can get benefit for future research.
  5. If the  researcher has developed his own data set which  could be used for future research.

2.Top 05 Research Papers in the Proposed Research Work

The examiner is keen to know

  1. Whether the author has done an  in depth survey 
  2. Quality of research papers as an indicator of the research work of the candidate
  3. Whether papers include seminal work to the latest work done in the field
  4. Whether these 05  research papers map to the objectives set by the author
  5. The standards of the journals and conferences where the papers are published 

3. Top 05 Researchers in your Research Domain

The examiner is keen to know

  1. Whether the research scholar is keeping track of the top researchers in his research field
  2. Whether  the researcher has contacted the these researcher for any research queries
  3. Whether the researcher has referred and compared his work with the works of these researchers
  4. Whether these researcher are affiliated to state of the art research labs or reputed universities across the globe
  5. Whether the research scholar is  planning for post doctoral research under these researchers

4. Top 05 journals in your Research Field

The examiner is keen to know

  1. Whether the researcher has referred any of the papers from theses journals
  2. Whether the researcher has published any of his works in these journals
  3. What are the impact factors of these journals
  4. To which publishers the journals are affiliated
  5. Whether the journals are indexed to top  citation databases like Web of Science or Scopus


5.Top 05 Methods used to solve the similar Research Problem

The examiner is keen to know

  1. Whether the researcher appreciated and identified the gaps in these methods
  2. How much the researcher has differentiated his work from the methods listed
  3. How the researcher has compared his work with the methods listed
  4. Whether the researcher is able to discern the methods used and understood the mathematical modeling behind those methods
  5. Whether the researcher has understood the flow of data/ algorithm in the proposed method



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